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Your child’s safety and well-being is our first priority because we understand the incredible trust that you are placing in us. We hold to the highest standards of safety and security to keep our children in good environment. The building is secured by locked doors accessible only to currently authorized staffs and families with a unique child identification code.

Sign in and Attendance

Parents sign their children in and out daily. In the classroom, teachers keep attendance on clipboards they carry throughout the day. Teachers take attendance at every activity throughout the day.

Children are only released to parents or to people that parents have previously designated on their child’s pick up permission list. Anyone coming to the door who is not a parent or guardian must show photo identification that matches the information given by the parent before giving them access to pick their children.


Your child’s health is of utmost importance to us. We have strict policies for administering medication to your child to ensure they are protected. Medication is stored securely out of the reach of children.


We clean our compound with safe non-toxic cleaning products. Our floors are kept clean throughout the day. Cleaning supplies are locked safely out of reach of children. We encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene.


We assess every child’s health by talking with parents and monitoring for symptoms during the course of each child’s day with us; we increase assessment during flu season. We notify parents when a child does not feel well to help prevent an illness from spreading.