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School Fees Structure

Day care shall pay 410,000/=

Kindergarten (baby, middle, top classes) 360,000/=

Uniforms (dress, shirt, short, sweater socks an apron and sportswear) will cost 100,000/=

School Requirements

1. At least one toy of your choice
2. Fully paid bank slip
3. Fully dressed up in a school uniforms
4. Admission letter
5. Passport size photos for our records
6. 1ream of photocopying papers Rota trim
7. 4 rolls of toilet papers
8. 2 white rubbers
9. 1kg of powdered soap i.e. Omo
10. 1 packet of pencils.
11. 1 Packet of colored pencils /crayons.

Day Care Section

12. Well labeled changing dresses and pampers each day
13. Carry your baby’s feeding bottles and milk
14. Recent medical forms and all the health records of the baby
15. A list of what your baby eats and not.