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  1. School dues must be paid in full and in tropical bank at any branch in Uganda, in the name Western pacific Kindergarten and Daycare

  2. No cash shall be allowed at school

  3. Failure to put on proper school uniform is punishable by suspension

  4. Parents therefore must ensure that uniforms are clean and in good shape

  5. Parents should always present their children’s identity cards on reporting and leaving the school Premises

  6. No child will be released to any one without the school ID

  7. No foods will be allowed at school as children will be facilitated at school

  8. Late coming will not be accepted

  9. Parents should honor children visitations and all the school programs as will be stipulated on our Calendar. As a way of encouraging learners parents are free to come and check on their children’s performances any day from Monday to Friday.

  10. Every child has to participate in all school activities

  11. All children must be collected on time or else a fine of 5000/= per extra hour shall be administered