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  1. Many children have had a chance to grow, they have learnt to share and follow instructions.

  2. The school managed to establish its self within the community despite of the competition within from other schools

  3. The school has managed to expand in form of structures like constructing more classes

  4. Children have already graduated and successfully joined primary level education in schools like Buddo junior, Gayaza Junior, Winston academy, Sir Appollo, Lohanna just to mention a few.

  5. By the end of three years, pupils can speak good English, read as well as write.

  6. The school has developed an inclusive and holistic approach which encourages collaboration between staff and parents to support children’s development and build well-being, confidence and social skills.

  7. Pupils can tell dangerous things to their lives and good things too which is a sign of self-protection and promotion of safety standards in the community.

  8. Within one year of enrolment, children can freely swim in small swimming pools

  9. Considering the long distances to be covered by some children from and to the school, the management managed to secure a small van to support in transportation of pupils from homes to school and later back.