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Western Pacific Kindergarten & Daycare

Welcome to W.P.K

Our Early Care and Education Centres provide quality Long Day Care, Before and After School Care and Vacation Care for children birth to 6 years. Each of our rooms is specially designed to ensure your child receives the best opportunities for learning and development.

Our educators are qualified, caring and committed to ensure the standard of care and education your child receives is the best. The utilisation of the Early Years Learning Framework enhances your child’s learning through their ideas, interests, strengths and abilities whilst they play. More...

Admissions - Western Pacific Kindergarten


Each day, W.P.K provides a balanced approach to learning, giving you the peace of mind that your child will have fun as they develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

W.P.K welcomes children of all races, religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and abilities. Our admissions into the kindergarten normally starts at tender age. Register Now

Why Choose western pacific kindergarten

Why Choose W.P.K?

  • Our natural outdoor play areas are large enough for a child to explore, discover and learn through play more freely in a natural outdoor environment.

  • Our staff are dedicated professionals.

  • Fee structures are set to ensure equity of access.

  • Our standards support the requirements outlined in the Ministry of Education and Sports Regulations.

  • Regulated staff/child ratios are maintained at all times throughout the day, including staff lunch and tea breaks. See more...